1. john_volkov

    how do I get Reccome as buddy ?

    i'v tryied i hav the pl but I can't be Reccome it's there a combination or you will have to work up to 8 000 000 pl
  2. P

    Maybe a map

    Well i might make a map for esf like lets see hmm i think I'll get the map Dmz_fort and make it so it can run on esf well dmz is another dragonballz mod for halflife but is kinda buggy but 1.8 is going to be great. But i seemed to deleted it =(
  3. H

    Mappers Unite!

    Hey, I figure I could start a new thread here and just talk about anything and everything. Share maps, etc. My first question is: How do I export my map into a TRUE .bsp file? When I compile it in Valve Hammer Map Editor it makes a .bsp file, but the file is only 14kb small!! It should be...
  4. Spieces -X-

    Music in a map?

    is it possible to put a song in a ESF map i don't mean the mp3 player but a song as a soundtrack for a map.Is that possible???O_o
  5. V

    could someone please tell me how to make the eyes in milkshape???

    can anyone tell me how to make the eyes on milkshape ive got the head completed except for the nose, ears, eyes, and eyebrows i could appreciate some help cause i just started yesterday:D :cool: :devsmile: :devgrin: :smile: :(