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    Esf Open Beta Reboots My System

    Hello All, I'm running Win Xp Pro sp2 with steam installed. When ever I try to load Esf open beta I get to the loading screen and then after about 60 seconds or so my computer reboots itself. I thought that may be my version of Half life needed to be patched; however, I could not find any new...
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    Automatic Reboots

    My computer has been rebooting itself lately. In the 2-3 months that I've owned it it's probably happened about 5-6 times. Thats not alot but it still worries me. It always seems to happen when I'm doing something graphic wise. Such as working in Photoshop or Illustrator. Or when I'm playing a...
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    Problem with Hammer Editor

    I try using Valves Hammer Editor to make maps, but for some reason, my pc reboots when I'm trying to make a map. (I'm working on the map, my pc slows down and it reboots) Can anyone help me on this
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