1. RavenTrunks

    Devil May Cry, Reboot! Looking forward to this. Discuss.
  2. O

    Help! my computer reboot!!

    Hey, I`ve tried almost everything....but it just keep happening. My computer reboot after some time playing offlinline LAN game on ESF, I don`t know if is something to do with XP or just some config....please help!!!:(
  3. S

    I have to reboot between sessions of esf...

    well im not exactly sure why, but, if i play esf and then quit, and then go back to esf later, it lets me get as far as finding a game, or hosting, and then while it loads, it quits and reboots my computer..... but if i play esf once and reboot after, its fine....... any idea's?
  4. LaMM

    Wrong hammer window

    i've got a little hammer problem. If i start it and make it fullscreen it has a little gap at the top, so it hasn't got real fullscreen. So everytime i have to make it smaller and then resize it to fullscreen. Does anyone know what's wrong???I've got a laptop with win xp.
  5. J

    Reboot Wallpaper

    yo I made this wallpaper (seriously 5 mins work). its not class and pretty easy to make. but just wanted to show you guys ;)