1. S

    Brolly's Rebirth! Hell's God!

    First Chapter: Brolly's Rebirth! Hell's God! Brolly’s Rebirth! Hell’s God! A sudden outburst of energy flowed threw the area as a building started to crumble into the hard destructed cemented ground. Rubble flaring outward as dust picked up, a hard gut-clenching scream echoed threw the...
  2. E

    ESF Rebirth Tournament

    Since I returned to playing ESF, I noticed that only a few of the people I played with 6 or 7 years ago still play. So, in an attempt to bring back some of them, and have some fun, I think it would be a good idea to host a tournament! GENERAL RULES: Rule set will be determined by server...
  3. M

    Redsaiyan Rebirth

    Hey all im mystic (redsaiyan owner) i here to bring it bak 1 last time!! Redsaiyan is here to stay, but not without ur help, im looking for a team maybe 2-3 more people Current Team Owner - Mystic Uploader - Plakman So email me with what you would like to...
  4. Imp.GuranGa

    [WIP] Pikkon Rebirth

    My very first model I modeld in my life was Pikkon and that was about 2 ore 3 jears ago now I'm back with a other pikkon one thats better (not much I dont model alot ) The one thing I realy hate on this model is the head I just can't figure out what O_o Critz and drawover would be appriciated...
  5. G

    Dragon Ball Rebirth and other anims

  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Working on a new image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth

    Final Image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth Alright, I finished it, hope you like :)
  7. G

    SSJ4 goku wip

    well its a wip right now so crits are welcome :D this is going to be in saiyan rebirth (another hl mod) i know its not much i only got to really skinning the face :P
  8. S

    new Saiyan rebirth map.

    hey. there is a new mod called Saiyan rebirth (SR) sr website here come's the pics. (BTW it's using the dmz textures and the in-game shot is also in dmz hud) lagoon pic: WC View: ok this pic is messed but looks good in-game.: ok, n e coments???? and the pics r fuzzyish...
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