1. GhostfaceKillah

    My 3 sigs (which one do u like betta?) Go there and check out my 3 sigs that i did and vote on which u like better. im new at sig makin so dont flame too much
  2. S

    Cell Arena

    Hi, ok -I just want to say a few things then I will let the banter begin... First off, the Cell Arena does not have loads of tall rocks everywhere for people to hide behind, it is mostly open desert with a few rocky outcrops. Secondly, the Cell Arena is a LOT bigger than what is in that...
  3. NightShade

    TOP 10 reason why i stop playing esf alpha

    10. How do you fly? 9. Dude you dodging my attacks is stupid and will be fixed in beta *wtf* 8. dont fall and attack it is stupid. *i get told this alot* 7. Lets see you own us all with buu *the noobs say*. 6. better be glad this sever lags me *with 60 ping* 5. Dude i heard you was on the...
  4. S

    Video Tuturial How u make a gun in Milkshape This is a Tuturial made by me Luda Its hosted thnx to Miria Trunks The model that i model in the tut is a Mac-10 u need a codec called Camtasia this is a tut for Milkshape Guys Have Fun -Peace Luda/Stan
  5. K

    Super Sayian 2 models

    hey guys, i was just wondering how your going to do the ssj2 models for all the sayians. coz i was just thinking back to half-life single player (boy! thats was a long time ago!!!) and Opposing force, and i remeber then electrisitic, you know in half-life when your about to pick up the crowbar...
  6. Chimpbot

    Trunks head

    The first one was closed for a reason.
  7. D

    I cant download esf for some reason

    I went to fileplanet but the download always stops and fileflush is not working and none of redsaiyanmods downloads work,somebody help me
  8. A

    The Models are very awful!!!!

    Can someone make other skins? Ok,the models of Son-Goku and Vegeta are good but when i see trunks,i think this are a old man But the effects and maps are really good
  9. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    why !!!!

    For some reason my ms3d doesn;t like to compile my qc file!!!>. it won't compile the reference part. if i do it without the reference it finishes compiling my qc file... can someone that uses ms3d see if it is just my computer? if you wana try em let me know and i will email the files to...
  10. G

    Hey Vassago I got a question for you

    Since you use lightwave, I was wondering maybe if you have used 3d studio max, you could tell me which one YOU think is better, yes I know its pretty much preference but like which is overall better, break it down for me if you don't mind.
  11. Deverz

    Real Art

    took me about half an hour please post comments did this in photoshop btw
  12. Hibiki


    here is yet another ssj goku... this is my first model edit so shut up 16..... :P ps the reason the hair looks kind of funky is because i didnt add any new polys..
  13. greentaco


    Just thought I'd post some art up... I'm currently helping the Interactive Media II (advanced) class out (I'm in Interactive Media I) with an art network site that they're making. I made a design, and although I'm not sure if they're going to go with it, I think it's pretty cool...
  14. D

    Free Sig

    HEY EVERYONE, FREE SIG... this one is really cool.... so if you want it, just tell me...