1. JDeezNutz

    The actual reason RS is down, is inside

    QUOTE FROM SPIN theres your answer, it is gone sadly, so can people please stop complaining about rumors they have heard.
  2. S

    could this be the reason for my map not working?

    lol ... sorry to post such a long usless thread.. but i think this might be why my map aint working? but... i dont know how to fix :cry: maybe one of you 1337 mappers could post the write stuff? thx Error: Entity 0, Brush 0: outside world(+/-4096): (-10135,-10041,-1600)-(-448,2818,110)...
  3. G

    A Pretty Good Reason Why Destruco Disc Crashes

    Well im pretty shure the reason is becuase so much data is being sent back and forth throught server mainly when disc spins and sound is going its sending alot dats so it may cause it to crash i think thats reason becuase when i was hosting the destructo disc data sky rocket just before it...
  4. Kreshi

    Gogeta VIP2!!!!!!!

    hm............ i am very angry now!!! ;( and sad too :( S-Bolt-- why did you closed my thread? you had not any reason to close it!!!!! ;( :( :cry: What do i wrong, or what do a other person wrong? NOTHING!!! And why should i not be allowed to use "pics" from other models to make my own...
  5. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  6. I

    gt trunks

    here's an edit of nuttzy's base model... its trunks from dbgt.... the model is far away from completion.... crits are welcome but im not going to look at em because yall dissed my goku model just for the simple fact that he was black :S
  7. Wangster

    street thuggie [drawing]

    well, i made a lil drawing, its one of these types that are always looking for a fight, you usualy encounter them in a bar, or on a street @ night. anyhows, here it is, i would really like to have some tips, crits, and opinions. thnx ps...
  8. X

    Invisibility on Textures Question

    DragonDude and Satan made some texures that need to be invisible. They changed the background to the blue (I think) but when I change the settings (Solid, 255) it doesn't show up invisible on Half-Life although it does in ESF, is there a reason why?
  9. Yazuken

    Learning to model

    Does anyone know a website that teaches how to make models or has tutorials?
  10. D

    Big O / Betterman

    OK...this is wut I got so far....I kinda...uhhh..."left" the idea of Betterman out of this (For some it looks like an Alien..which I wanted to avoid...but...I'll change **** around later) Which looks better? OR
  11. Z

    My Own Vegeta Edit ..

    uh, So many edited my vegeta, I felt like doing it myself.. Here are my results .. CREDITS: Modell: Turk Originall skinn : Me Edit : Me lol ..Anyways, How u guys like it ?
  12. Jimesu_Evil

    GT Vegeta (with a jacket)

    I made this edit a while back and with all the new GT Vegetas with just his red singlet, I thought it might be time to release this one. Take a look: I need permission from Xtortionist, Turk and AzN before I release it. Credits go to: -Turk (Harsens) for Vegeta model -Xtortionist...
  13. Nuttzy

    new gohan,

    well i started this lil freak yesterday, scroll to the bottom of the page, youll need the milkshape viewer plugn you can download from (i am aware of the risk of posting the msz) from the neck down i made myself, the head was made by...
  14. |Da|K|

    new poster...the same as all the others?

    Made a new poster for some reason i like this noe the best outa all my posters.... DA LiNK Critz&Comments plz
  15. G

    problem on hammer

    I have set everything up at the beginning to esf so i can start making maps but all the buttons are grey I cant do anything!! Is there something I am supposed to do? plz help! and while im here why the hell sometimes when i go back to threads coz i wanna post sumfink there closed??? when i made em??
  16. DaMan

    n00b at work

    this is my second work in photoshop comments and critz are welcome
  17. M


    ive been having a problem with my valve hammer, it wont run my maps. i think the problem is that the compiler doesnt create a bsp file for some reason (im using zoners compiler tools) and i have it setup like it says on that one site.... error report (compiler report) also heres a link to...
  18. Devion


    <img src=""> Well I posted this pic cause the guy himself can`t.(My dad works at a prison for kids(sorry can`t think of a better word, I`m not english)) I promised to upload it to the internet and show it to people. I can`t say his name...
  19. Suh Dude

    My latest Arts

    Fresh From PhotoShop Fresh From Bryce This time i don't have my name on these cuz im lazy
  20. S

    Trunks I found

    heehhehe hey Guys I found this awesome Trunks Model in two versions and I asked person to release it he said no but maybe if enough people ask him he'll reconsider how bout it people. c'mon peps. (edited by s-bolt-- on request)