1. )V(ajinjosh

    some of the esf 1.2 models wer not realesed

    hi.. i just downloaded the esf beta 1.2 full and i noteced that not all the models that they sed wud be in esf 1.2 like on esf-world (the gokus)like darkones goku woz ment to be in it so y isnt it?
  2. Super Veggeto

    is there a realesed capsule corp map?

    the search isnt helping...
  3. Super Veggeto

    is there a realesed goten model?

    or at least WIP... (the search didn't do much of a help...)
  4. ssj999vegeta

    red saiyan aura

    im making a red saiyan skin and i wanna no if i can change the aura for just my skin and not every skin cos i have changed the saiyan aura but now all saiyans are red saiyans