1. -Origin

    Halo: Reach

    Surprised there's no topic on it yet. So who has it? I'm not a huge Halo fan but I thought it was pretty epic (in the right sense of the word, not the internet-epic). It was huge in terms of scope and I thought having a group of Spartans along for the ride was a nice change of pace. And I...
  2. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  3. Eon

    WGA, studios reach tentative contract.

    Source:,1,7005410.story Well, it's almost over, thank god.
  4. F

    i got HL2 and i can't installl the game when i reach browse.

    need help i can't instal i got steam and HL2 i don't HL1 but i can't install the game when i'm reaching browse help !!!!!!!
  5. T

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta

    how do u like it? its not done yet i still plan on texturing the hair UPDATE heres a new pic and model
  6. G


    can some one give me times in art making?
  7. DJ-Ready


    Ok, i just finished S2k_Snakeway ... I think i dont need to tell much about it ^^ here´s a screenie download it at ^^ .. in the downloads section ^^ EDIT umm ok .. i 4got to something while making the zip if u...
  8. V

    bored on a Sunday afternoon

    After reading the book, "The Fall of Reach", as well as seeing the HALO2 trailer, I was inspired once again to play HALO. And while playing it, I got inspired to model :D So this morning I started work on a model of John, also called the Master Chief. Right now he's not for anything in...