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    Is [email protected]!D3R Gone For Good?

    Well I have found that [email protected]!D3R Is quiting the forum's. :cry: :cry: He was a very loyal person to ESF, and to everyone he has ever made sig's for. He has helped me alot with graphic's etc, he is a true pal and i hate when people accuse other's about stealing or ripping art from other's. Even...
  2. R@!D3R

    [email protected]!D3R's Palace League!!

    Ok, I'm setting up a league and it will be sorta like OGL, CAL, IGL, STA all those types. The latter's are 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 If you are interesting in this league leave a post here saying. What latter and when you are most availible and the connection you have.. :) If you find this idea is...
  3. R@!D3R

    [email protected]!D3R's ESF Palace

    Ok folks, My ESF palace is up and is running the IP is Make sure to read rules before joining. Clans are free to contact me and rent the server for a total of 2 hours every 3 days. Also individuals can rent the server to host an "Organized" tournament. Organized means you at...