1. C

    esf:ecx RC3

    what do you know about the rc3 thing? i recently found it online but i can barely understand it, because its in a language that im not aware of. could you tell me the things you know about it?
  2. Doku

    ESF: ECX RC3 AF creating server problem. PLZ HELP

    Ive just installed ecx rc3 w/ the af mod. I want to create a server to fight against bots but when i create a server it starts to load 'starting local game server' & then stops & puts me back at the title screen. Putting LAN on or off doesn't make a difference. Any Ideas???
  3. EliteMarine

    ESF ECX RC3 AF Pack Not Working

    Ok so, Regular RC3 is fine, but when I downloaded the AF pack things got messed up. I was un able to create LAN servers. It said it was loading local game server then the load just shut off on me, when I tried joining a Multiplayer server it said I was missing a Goku SSJ2 file, please help.
  4. EliteMarine

    ESF RCX RC3 Download

    *link removed because it links to WAREZ material* Note: The AF Pack does not work! :(
  5. EliteMarine

    Ecx Rc3 Download ( There is an AF Pack but it does not work )