1. SS4 Gogeta

    Gamma Rays

    what gamma rays are, and what can they really do http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/080611-incredible-hulk.html
  2. W

    Head to head with rays

    Hi, i got a suggestion, here i go. As all of u know when you hit a ray with another ray a duell starts and the one with more energy and exp can try to hit the other one with the rays... but i think that those 2 rays should be in a straight line between the 2 players and the one that wins kill...
  3. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art

    I have been hiding in a hole, but I will be producing more art. Stay tuned :D This is Nageki, Nameless_Specter_]v['s playtest character for my RPG.