1. Nebulisreconx

    The most evasive target yet! ~RAVEN~

    I was playing some ECX yesterday fighting some dudes online (most of which were very good players) Then the Dude \~Raven~/ shows up, and I nearly shit a brick at how hard this guy is to hit. Just playing as Android 18, and I was (double)Majin Vegeta. Burning energy with all my swoops just to...
  2. Sting

    Happy birthday Raven

    Happy birthday Raven. Have a good day m8^_^
  3. |Overlord|

    Happy Birthday core | Raven

    Enjoy you're 20th birthday :). I got you this: Look at the twins =O.
  4. Cap J

    Does that Raven look dusty to you?

    Happy Birthday Ravendust! Enjoy celebrating. :) Here, have a girl....or two....or three....<_< (Yes I know the thread title sucks. <_<; )
  5. Grega

    OMG Raven Trunks

    Birthday: February 14, 1985 ITS YA BIRTHDAY Have a great 21st cheers m8 \o/
  6. S

    Happeh Birfday Raven Blade D:

    happy birfday you sexy skinning mofo \o/
  7. USJTrunks

    Loneliness - Painting

    Everything is painted except for the grass, in which I used a Photoshop brush.
  8. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Looking for a skinner

    Hi guys, well, im looking for a talented skinner, who would out of the goodness of his(or her) heart, like to skin some of my models :) they obviously will get full credit for it, and if they have the ability to teach me how to then im all for that too :) soo, if anybody wants to do this...
  9. God Gundam

    skinner needed

    im in need of a skinner, im to overloaded with mod work to skin the models im releasing for replacements. all i need is for you to post some of your previous work- reskins arent allowed, your own work. I will choose one person who i believe is the best. but yeah, this would benifit you mod...
  10. Raven Blade

    Like Farther Like Son (Buu Vegeta // Trunks)

    Ok I am gonna leave my other thread on the vegeta, I will use this thread for posting any model updates I do so I dont have 2 keep starting new threads. neway here was the vegeta - and for his infamous son ;)