1. ~*Logan*~

    Pie Rats

    w00t! Pirates comes out today and I'm about to go see it in an hour!!! I haven't been this excited about seeing a movie since....well...I forgot...but still! Unfortunately, this is the internet...so people here like to spoil everyone's fun every chance they get, and someone has already spoiled...
  2. TAz00


    I made a rats map for the Neo clan, actually it has nothing to do with DBz. Its actually guess what.... MY ROOM:p enough with the chat, heres the pics, and the zip... Right click and press, Save as... http://www.freewebs.com/taz00/Nc_Rats.zip I also made a CS version...
  3. E

    hen_castle test and feedbak thread and unforgiven fix

    yeah. i decided to make a new thread on this so ppl can request for maps, and send sum feed bak on hen_castle. also for unforgiven map. i'm gonna recompile it and also pile in the background then send as packaged to spin. so stay tuned.
  4. G

    request:rats map?

  5. A

    My latests.. thing..

    I was just playing around last night because I was board. Made this: Crtiz
  6. [ESF]zero

    Mapping and the scale down

    due to the scale down all maps prior to the next release (2.0 or less) will be rendered obsolete. we will release the new fgd and and a mapping faq a little b4 the offical release. so keep ur eyes peeled. :)