1. M

    Rating Summaries

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/55869
  2. L

    User rating system.

    Similar to the "Did you find this post help useful?" rating system I see around some boards, we could have a user rating system. Like, once a month you get X amount of points. You can recommend or vote for a user by clicking a "+" or "-" sign by the user using your point, where a number...
  3. M

    Z rating for Dead rising in japan?

    Lol wtf, some of their anime's are much much more gorier then this, but they gave it a z rating, removed decapitations limb removal that is just amazing to me. http://www.gametrailers.com/viewnews.php?id=3654
  4. J

    ESRB changes San Andreas rating

    Shacknews Anyone else a little pissed off about this? I just read about it, and my initial reaction was :shocked: I've been following it since it first hit website front pages, but I never thought it would actually come to anything. Surely such unfathomable ignorance can't change a thing...
  5. Kreshi


    hi! I am working on a Gogeta Model for ESF, but I am not 100% sure if it will be really Gogeta^^ lol, but I think it will be :laff: Here is a pic: PS: This is my first "poly by poly" body........ I have only did heads poly by poly but never a body^^ this is my first body, which is make...
  6. Masibu

    Request: Midgar

    Now, not quite sure if u can actually request maps, but... i was wondering if anyone could make a map of midgar from ff7? i wouldnt mind seeing a few final fantasy maps around
  7. T

    My first model ( plz give comments and rating plz )

    hey this is my first model i ever made in milkshape can you plz give comments and rate it heres a render:
  8. T

    Rank My Sig!

    Hello all, Im new to making sigs and this is maybe my 3rd or 4th sig ive created. So please rank my sig from 1-lowest and 10-highest, also please tell me what i might have done wrong etc. Thanks.
  9. Demi-Shadow

    New sig, Ratings please.

    out of 10 for the sig under this post please. :D
  10. |Da|K|

    NewSig's (Rate)

    Hey evey one was wondering if u could rate my new sig fomr 1 to 10 and witch one is the best THx alot guyz and critz and comments are welcome :D 1: 2: 3: ^----- i made for a friend 4: ^-- just added... and the one i'm useing now could use some rating :D thx
  11. B

    New Vegetto :)

    here the final version of My Vegetto He has mixed animations from vegeta and goku and im working on an sound package i released it soon! And i need an Host for all my models! interested?? pm me please Here a pic
  12. S

    RS File host request.

    Erm. Must of you should know Redsaiyan because its hosting almost all the customized files for ESF, so i thought i'd make a thread to ask new poeple their permissions to host their file on release. hows do i submit files Well for now.. you will have to contact me on aim or msn, or in a pm...
  13. Ryoko

    Last Wallpaper in this style (unless I am uninspirational)

    Ok, unless I really can't find a new style, this is the last one of this kind of style from me. What do you think of it?
  14. Virtigo Seven

    Sonic Team

    All forum members with "sonic" in there names(or other Sonic charicters), join SONIC TEAM heres a sig to add... at http://www.emulationzone.org/fanfare/ghz/logo.gif Mail me!
  15. S

    are all the models here gonna be remodeled?

    are all the models here gonna be remodeled coz they arent any good and the anims are really bad