1. G

    Can you change experience rate ?

    Hi all. I would like to edit how much experience/power increase you get when you hit/kill some one to make my games a little faster. Not sure if how easy that would be to edit ? Thanks for any help and sorry if I asked in the wrong section. Cheers.
  2. Mkilbride

    Windows 7 has a 93% adoption rate, 240 million units SOLD.

  3. GATE Elemental

    About rate, cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate

    Those commands really have a HUGE effect on my game. I really want to know what the hell they do (tecnicals) and why low values cause choke at every server. Mainly those with ECX + lots of cs plugins (rate controls and stuff). Thanks.
  4. Rayna

    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    Thought this might be a fun thread to "revive", since this part of the forum seems a bit dead... You rate the signature of the last person that posted on a 1 to 10 scale. Explaining your rating is optional but it will make the thread more fun to read (and might also help someone improve...
  5. Viper

    Rate The Signature Above You | Part V

    I missed this, so here we go.
  6. Damaera

    Rate the Custom User Title above you

  7. sub

    Rate the user above you on... [forum game]

    whatever you want. Do it.
  8. Damaera

    Rate the User Title Above You

  9. kam!

    Rate that Signature ZERO; the prequel to the award winning series!

    You know how it works. Rate the signature of the user above you x/10. Feel free to leave comments. gogogo
  10. elNarr

    Rate the signature above you yet again.

    I know mine's pretty old, but i am extremely bored right and don't have photoshop on this laptop now. Let's get this thing going, shall we? Use 0 / 10 ratings and compliments, criticism to back up your rating.
  11. MinioN

    Rate my new sig(s).

    I know it isn't perfect but i am improving. I will post more as soon as i make new ones. EDIT: I wasn't using tutorial.
  12. Mr.Lukyas

    Rate the sig above you once again!

    I thought about reopening this thread now when I have a proper sig to be cocky with XD who'll rate my sig first?
  13. Viper

    Rate My Sigs V2

    Rate my new sigs :). These two have 2 different fonts: and Edit: Slow forums, baaaaaad.
  14. Damaera

    Signature I made, please rate.

    Please rate :)
  15. dbz_fan2000

    plz watch and rate

    http://www.atari.com/dragonballz/trailermaker/view/?id=0BEE0DCF-31AA-1E83-94AD-FA4BD7CADDF0 http://www.atari.com/dragonballz/trailermaker/view/?id=7EB7FB71-A3DB-9FEB-F8B9-B66E84A44597
  16. dbz_fan2000

    pla rate

  17. Spunky

    Rate the Signature Above You Again and Again and Again!

    You know the rules. Rate the sig above you on a scale from 1 to 10.
  18. elNarr

    Rate The Signature Above You | Part II

    Okay, Let's start it over again, since the other one went dead. Now i can have the honor to get rated first! *evil laugh* (For them, who don't know what to do, just rate the sig of user above from 0/10 and explain why.)
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Rate This Computer

    Moms getting married and they want to get a new computer. I just happened to be looking in a magazine and I found this and thought it sounded fair. Hp Slimline Anthalon64 Desktop amd anthalon x2 dual core processor 3800+ 1 gb ddr2 memory 250 gb harddrive + windows vista - super multi...
  20. dan_esf_fanatic

    Rate the Naruto Shippuden opening theme.

    I think it's just awesome. I'm listening to it right now, for the 5th time. But one of my friends says that it's absolute ****. What do you think?