1. Green Wolfos

    The Ranma Thread

    If anyone has watched this anime, please tell me all about it!
  2. Green Wolfos


    Does anyone have the first episode of ranma? If so, could I have it, please?
  3. Alteh

    Ranma 1/2

    Ok I just drew this drawing of someone from Ranma 1/2 which i got from animeshrine.com. I know I messed up on the sholders but could you please tell me what I should fix or change?
  4. Ryoko

    Latest wallpaper (Ranma 1/2)

    Well here it is. I'll be putting a Ryoko wallpaper onto this thread when I create it 2morrow. It'll be in a similar style to this. Comments!!
  5. GundamSeph

    Ranma Images

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a picture of Shampoo as a cat for my av, cause right now, that psycho cat won't do, lol. Also the cat is to damn cute. If anyone has any that are worth using, please email it to me as i'll end up forgetting to come back here, lol C ya [email protected]
  6. P

    Looking for Ranma pics (not Hentai)

    The only sites I can find are cruddy geocites sites with low Q gifs :/ so im asking here, anyone know any good sites?
  7. S

    I'm searching Ranma Hentai Sites

    Can anyone help me?? I don't find sites for free, only such an adult s***. Goku