1. ciarkol

    Ranking , Intro :D

    <b>Ranking:</b> Hmm... <b>Old</b> <b>New</b> <b>Intro:</b> All Games have their own Intro when u open the game. Why ESF don't have it. Short Intro like Goku SSJ vs 100% Frieza will be good. :fight:
  2. ciarkol

    Loading background, Ranking & Turnament mode

    Backgorund: I don't know if there is but i'll post . What about add a backgorund when loading in to server. In OBF the loadnig backgorund are black and add loading music like in ecx . For ranking : Add Avatar from steam and change nick from the game in to name of steam account like...
  3. T

    Would E.S.F. be better with a ranking system?

    Would anybody think E.S.F. Would Be better with a Ranking System?
  4. DiebytheSword

    New scoring and ranking system.

    I am planing on changing the ranking system currently used via Reputation. In an ideal world, the reputation system works, in the real world we have idiots playing tag with reputation and getting banned for it. I really don't have any reason to believe that the rep system should remain enabled...
  5. K

    Integrated ranking system

    Saying as how earth league isnt getting much attention, there should be some kind of ranking system in esf code. It would take your over win/losses compared to other players. Say for example you run around killing only noobs. Well you still wouldnt be ranked very high because they are not...
  6. RaiZeN

    Worldwide Ranking

    spanish si quereis mirar vuestro ranking mundial del CS o ESF o de otro juego, id a esta web http://www.csports.net/ alomejor ya la sabiais, pero me interesaba que la supierais ;) english :( if want to watch your world-wide ranking of CS or ESF or another game, you go to this web...
  7. W

    ESF Ranking

    How do I make A Ranking of The Game
  8. T

    Rank My Sig!

    Hello all, Im new to making sigs and this is maybe my 3rd or 4th sig ive created. So please rank my sig from 1-lowest and 10-highest, also please tell me what i might have done wrong etc. Thanks.