1. Guru_San

    Red Saiyan Randoms!

    Found these randoms floating in webspace, uve either seen it or not.. http://members.lycos.nl/simen/fun.html -SaN
  2. S

    Randoms. Everybody loves 'em.

    I've read a few other posts... not too many, as they're a bit too repetitive... and I've noticed a lot of people get too many randoms for their liking. While I think that's just spilt milk, I do agree, to a certain degree. ...*had to re-read that* I don't mind the occasional random, it...
  3. C

    Full string of randoms 100% of the time

    I fought someone in meele for about 3 hours of playtime, it was very strange, every single arrow he ever made was random, and his PL was not even higher then mine when he changed characters so that isnt it.. He wrote that he "cannot be beaten in meele ever" and it was true. I asked him how he...
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