1. majin uub

    Rambo or Cloverfield...

    Yeeea........its been like what? A few years since iv made a post here?? Lol I was just wanting to ask you guys which movie should i go see? If i had enough money I would go see both, but since im no longer working at the moment I only have enough money to see one....soooo which would you...
  2. john_volkov

    RAMBO 4

    OMG just look at the trailer link removed
  3. X

    Rambo Splash

    lol I must have made this when I was half awake this morning. But anyways does it look good at all?
  4. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Rambo match game mode

    If some of u know soldat u'll know what I mean. There is some object (for example the Z sword) somewhere in the map. When a player takes it he gets 3000000 more pl and -25% hp. When he's dead the object falls and so continues the game What do you say? ;/