1. C


    How do u intall maps and models u download cause i dl this model pack but dont noe how to get it into the game
  2. ultrassj_vegeta


    crits... o yeh i do realise there is a mistake above the wheel... edit: o yeh and another one... i didn make the bg in this one.. i just used a filter to edit dat.. hehehe
  3. C

    will some one do me a big favor

    will some one please make me a model of my frist can a 1978 nova. if so please email it to [email protected] i will be very plase if some one would do thank you. and if you skin it plase make it red
  4. Optimus Prime

    Half-Life Rally on the verge of release!!

    I can't wait until this mod comes out! It's about time that a completely new genre came to the Half-Life engine! Half-Life Rally
  5. xstortionist

    New model for a mod I am making.

    check it out. Its going to be a race car mod. its going to be kinda futuristic.