1. Tsunami

    Tomb Raider: Anniversary Demo released!

    First TR remade on newer engine.
  2. S

    Devoted Half-Life Modellers Needed!

    LaZer Half-Life wants YOU! We need a devoted Modeller/Skinner/Amimator to help make LaZer happen! LaZer is basically a Laser Tag mod for Half-Life, and not one member of it's dedicated team wants to see it die, in fact, they aren't even recognizing it as a possibility. Only 2 models are...
  3. T

    hmmm guess i should give these out

    Here is the world torniment version of gohan that Azn gave me when he decided not to finish them, i have completed it with much help from Cheeseman AKA mystic Krillin so credets to them it comes with a SSJ version and an SSJ2 version, i am aware of the skinless part under his arms when he does...
  4. Logan4434

    Mystic Gohan

    i made a version of Azn's mytic gohan that is non battle dammaged for those who wanted it.and if you havent gathered this yet,credits go to Azn for the original pic: and the model download link:p :
  5. A

    piccolo with cape

    i am really looking for a model of piccolo with cape, i know this is a subject that is on the order several times, but i can't find the piccolo i am looking for on this forum. But you people say that there are 2 so, please help me
  6. Darkshadow

    the other soundpack of mystic gohan

    when the good model of azn dragon came out Bdm Mystic gohan someone dont know who again made a upgraded soundpack and i liked that but because of the adminmod my esf stopped playing:cry: and had to install it again and now i lost my cool soundpack can that guy who made that upgraded soundpack of...
  7. M

    Mystic Gohan improvement pack part 2

    Um,i didn't know it was leaked,i d/l it of red saiyan and i thought it was released,i found the sounds crap,so i released a hq soundpack made by me,i made a pack including the gohan model for easyness for those people who dont have the model,and a pack exclusive that model for the ones who...