1. -Origin

    Euphoria or good 'ol Ragdoll Physics?

    Take your pick. Here's a video which demonstrates Euphoria in comparison with normal physics. Click.
  2. M

    Ragdoll avalance!

    This game is addictive, it seems anything with ragdoll is just fun lol. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/334783 My highest is 317 dodged.
  3. sub

    Ragdoll Masters

    You guys need to check this game out, its fun as hell. http://www.ragdollsoft.com/ The game is called Ragdoll Masters (No, it isn't the same as Ragdoll Kongfu). You basically control the direction a ragdol moves in a low gravity envirornment kicking the crap out of anyone who gets in your...
  4. Growler

    DoD: Source and RagDoll Kung Fu.

    Ok, first off, I think (hope) that DoD source will own. It looks like Valve has done an amazing job with this game. I am truley stoked to play this game. Also, I think this new game, RagDoll Kung Fu, looks completely badass. There are zero scripts, sources say, and unlimited...