1. Hellion_Blade

    Scouter alternative

    In the show they could sense each others power and from much longer distances than you can see with the in-game radar. I had an idea of making some sort of visible aura or distortion on the screen indicating where the other player is. it might be colored or appear differently depending on the...
  2. S


    Hi there again how do i turn radar/scouter on ? :S nevermind found it :S
  3. Killface

    Doppler Radar + GPS?

    I know this is kind of an unorthodox question, but I was looking for a cheap GPS system for my car that has Doppler Radar capability. The cheapest I've found so far was a $399 Garmin Nuvi 755. I dont know much about GPS' or anything of the sort, so could anyone help point me in a...
  4. Snowm@n


    I think it would be cool if a player that is on the floor (not flying) wouldn't be detected by other players radars. Its Just like in the series. What do you think? This way there could be a new tipe of gaming in the esf. You could actually atack by surprise some players some times, making more...
  5. sub

    radar should be on by default

    Simple suggestion- Radar should be on by default. Maybe this way people new to the game won't find out about radar like 3 weeks into the game.
  6. .Guzzie.

    Dragonballs-Unseeable on Radar

    Hey guys GuZzie here. I know i've been full of questions lately,but that's only because of the new server that's been up. Anyways,might any of you know how to disable Dragonballs being seen on the radar?? Cause we're hosting CTDB every Friday Night on our server but I think its been a...
  7. sub

    Radar Suggestion

    The radar is one of the most useful tools in the game, but it needs some work. Mixed Mode stays on the player information too long, Radar Mode leaves you with no idea of who you're fighting and Player Mode is useless. I suggest Player Mode gets replaced with a variation of Mixed Mode...
  8. Andreyesf


    Ok we all know the scouter ok????? :) I sugest for Android18/17 for not putting them radar because they can sense !!!!!!! -If a bigger power is rising a yellow blow should split the image in two like in DBZ!!!! :D -For the Giniy force they would have radar and I have an ideea...
  9. C

    Wouldn't this be great if radar...

    I was thinking, since beta 1.2 adds walljumping (which currently doesn't really have a use now since you can fly, beam jump, etc.) what the ESF team could do is when chars are not charging up, using turbo, or charging up an attack, they don't show up on the radar. That way walking, wall...
  10. micfiygd


    if you target someone they should be a diffrent color on your radar
  11. G

    New radar suggestion

    Plz read it dont be nabz i downloaded a good spirit of target that have nombers with it like the pl so i thought Y not make those nombers the real pl I explain i very hate the mix mod i think its nab cuz i wanna c my enamys and sometimes i would like to know my enamys pl so y not to...
  12. G

    wen i play i dont have a radar and the multiplayer options looks different

    the multiplayer options looks different by the way im using dod retail for it wen the shorcut asked cannot find csstrike.exe i just used dod (i dont have cs tfc or hl just dod retail) oya i installed it into the dod folder its not in anywher just program files\day of defeat\esf and my...
  13. R

    radar suggestions

    how about on youre radar you can see ki attacks coming at you and since of the after image how about when one per son teleport here is 2 dots, 1 for the player ,one for the afte image , and after the after image fades so does the dot on the radar
  14. W

    Instead of the Radar

    Instead of the radar for location people in the game, why not have a sensing system like Gundam rpgs. For example, a guy is charging at u with melee, your screen will suddenly show an alert arrow telling you incoming that <--- way. It could work for ki atks too.
  15. ytelu

    about radar

    i can start the radar with F9, and it can be displayed in 3 modes,, what's the differences between the 3 &which one should i choose to use? 3x
  16. B


    Out of all the new pictures yous put up I only found one with radar. Does this mean we will push a button to pull out the radar or what? And on the show dragon radar had a button that made the radar be able to see over a larger area. Will you be able to push a button or something to see things...