1. C


    yo all, i just wanna ask wen the **** will the esf full be out?
  2. Panzer

    just a qustion

    um. does anyone know how many polygons is in the goku model?
  3. D

    why does nobody anwser the qustion! they just lock my thread

    I have a legitimate question for setting up a server I'm not trying to cheat ok I'm trying to set the server up so that the power levels FOR EVERYONE increase at the same rate but at a higher ratio so instead of everyone getting only 5000 point added to the power level for each melee attack...
  4. Super Bolt V2

    A Qustion to ESF Team

    before i start i am not asking when its realeased! ok what happens when the ESF team has nothing else to add like its nothing else do (last version) will ESF team make a GT Version off ESF or just go there seprate ways? just curoius
  5. Z

    a very n00beeeeee qustion

    if you make a hl dbz mod do have to have a thinky from toei