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    quik algebra 1 help

    yea... im doing hw... in "product of the powers" in multiplying monomials... if say this was the problem a7 x a4 x a would that be a11 or a12 what im trying to say is...does the a by it self...would that mean that a1 is applied... or none... btw if u dunno what im talking...
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    a quik question

    can i use milkshape 1.7.4 to import models i make to half life 1 or 2 or esf?
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    some1 plz help me quik

    some 1 plz help me ive just downloaded esf 1.2.3 but it wont let me install it wat do i put in the destination folder thing some1 plz tell me quik i really wanna play it
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    help me quik plz

    ive just downloaded esf 1.2.3 and i cant install what do i hav 2 but in the destination folder thing some1 plz tell me plz
  5. X

    Custom Games???? someone hel;p quik

    can someone tell me what the **** a custom game server is cause thats what is popping up whenever i play esf and i can't play so someone help please!!!!!
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    half-life mod help quik

    ok, im a newbie and ive downloaded esf and i dunno how to play it .i put it in the folder and everything.can someone please give me a detailed walk through.and on my half life start page i do not have a custom game option.! thanx