1. dudiblah


    wat r u thinking about right now????? (this message will self-desrtuct right now)
  2. OubliezJe


    Wheni make a demo in es, where does it save to so i can make a video out of it???? please help
  3. N

    first art

    tell me what you think for a first time.
  4. S


    post links to your favorite sites for plugins/ links to the most useful plugins you know. please specify what program its for as i'll make a list on this post eventually. i'll have my favorites up soon 3dsm: simcloth-a great plugin which allows for realistic cloth very quickly examples and...
  5. B

    can i send anyone my model and hell make me a pic

    like i said give your e-mail and i'll send you my model
  6. Culex

    Quickly mods!

    Out war has changed there domain names to http://www.gangsterwar.com/ http://www.popstarwar.com/ http://www.monsterwar.net/ and . I just thought you gusy would like to know this. Block them quickly!
  7. Fenumeher

    answer as quickly as possible!!!

    do anyone have a good mirror where I can download dragonmodZ? a full version plz
  8. DiebytheSword

    OMFG, Productivity pwns.

    New atomic divisions stuff, do not use without permission. :] Dread Tusk Gaehurg Maant C-N-C!!!! Very, very quickly drawn.
  9. Ryoko

    Catgirl Ryoko

    You heard me! Cg'ed and all! Comments always welcome. Same with critism's.
  10. jeff_d5

    personnaly i never seen a MOD EVOLVE SO QUICKLY

    one thing i need to know will this mod get into GT or AF..... if it does it will be better than DMZ otherwise ?? and i hope we keep our ssj power when we reach it and if it goes into AF it will rock most if it does keep up the good work and get us an update on the new version soon thank you
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