1. A


    They are sorta old, They've been sitting around in my computer for a while so I'm posting then for some crits on how to get better on stuff I haven't already.
  2. MaX

    Aurapack1.1 RELEASED!!

    here it is its got some fixes and auras are huge like in 1.0 anyway hope ya like and pics are inside. file is 1.3 megs. this changes transformation auras. extract the wrl files to esf/models. and then go ingame and enjoy and each lvl of the aura is diffrent.. so in console do this...
  3. Skyrider

    A spawn Tip for mappers!!!

    i already saw in 2 map's that there is ONLY 1 spawn point,, thats NOT good!! what if you are playing whit bots? they just worldkill themself cuz there is only 1 spawn point!