1. Ravendust

    EMO Girl puts the EMO in EMO

    Most people don't believe in negative stereotypes, but this video sure as hell does a good job at trying to convince them. This may well be the most cliché, genuine emo (video) blog of all time. http://videos.humpingfrog.com/14363/2006/04/emo-girl-puts-the-emo-in-emo.html Birds are dying ;_;
  2. TimTheEnchantor

    I Will Wait For You

    I Will Wait For You Taken at sunset.
  3. Moshe Kipod Ham

    My first (posted) reskins!!!

    I've made reskins for Gotenks normal, ssj, ssj3... TELL ME WHAT DO U THINK??? :confused:
  4. S

    3 New Models coming !!!

    Hey There, The Dragonball Warriors team is working on 3 new models: Chibi Trunks Goten (Battle Damage + Non BD) Gotenks and maybe we will somehow the first ever made fusion in ESF... How why and if I will leave a secret for now but if it all works out, you'll be soon playing a whole...