1. Viper

    Stylizing a city's map for gaming purposes

    This might be a long shot, but maybe someone has an idea about it. So here I go: Does anyone know any tutorials or have any tips about reducing a city's map size to fit in a game (let's say TES III)? What i'm trying to do is to recreate several cities within the Morrowind map for a total...
  2. F

    something new for battling purposes

    this got me thinking cuz everyone complains "oh i hate double teaming" or "oh i keep track of who im fighting" well how about you implement something, ( i dont know what to call it ) where you have your cross hairs on someone and they are red. and you press a button... lets say 'K', and...
  3. Skinnerfool

    Gotenks in-game

    Well i found this in my uploader and look
  4. D

    Converting crosshairs?

    how would i convert a crosshair from another game to esf? any1 know?
  5. harSens

    About the alpha2.0 code

    The link on the main page gives you uncompilable code. Try this link instead: www.herwinvanwelbergen.nl/esf/alpha_20.zip You can use my code for whatever you want, as long as it is covered in the valve sdk license. This does not mean you can use any other piece of the esf alpha or beta...
  6. B

    gonna try this

    im dling photoshop right now...gonna give sig making a try once i get it dled any help would be aprecated