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    Puppetpal Z Season 2 Comic 1

    Hello everyone, I have brought back Puppetpal Z. I have gotten permission yet again from Cold Steel. Artwork belongs to Cold Steel, Copywrite 2005 Dragonball Z belongs to FunIma. Puppetpal Z, Season 2, Comic 1 I am sorry if it isn't funny, I am very tired right now. I would like...
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    A very important annoucemt about Puppetpal z

    I am going to be doing a big show about PPZ since iv made new chars like raditzs or frieza or cell im going to the begging of DBZ to the end using PPZ chars! its not going to be read by comic like bar to bar stuff like that you will just have to see for yourself! and im going to need someone...
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    A new Puppetpal Z!

    I made a new puppetpal Z but i need a host please. and your probably sayian "Oh he stole puppetpal Z oh that idiot hes gonna be so dead" but i didnt cold steel retired and will someday reclaim his title but he gave me the responsibitlty to have puppetpal Z. So anyone gotta Host? edit: I can...
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