1. Skyrider

    PotW: Goku biatch "punching" Frieza

    <a href="http://www.esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/goku-biatch-slaps-frieza.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]" title="Goku Punches Frieza in the face"><img src="http://www.esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/thumbs/goku-biatch-slaps-frieza_t.jpg"></a> Enjoy peeps.
  2. Cold Steel

    Update: Punching dinsosaurs in the face.

    Creature AI is awesome. discuss.
  3. The Deco

    Looking for a punching dummy

    Well, I want a punching dummy. (not punching bag) I want a dummy since I want to train my punches and I don't want the resistance of the bag. I am looking for something in the style of if I hook punch the dummy's head then it rotates like a normal human neck and head would. Something in the...
  4. MONXver2.0

    Scouter,auto punching, spec

    My idea is simple. Make the scouter customizable. Maybe be able to highlight certin players you want to keep track of. Like a lock on system. Also the mixed mode needs a better refresh. Once you take crosshair off the enemy it should go back the map like that *snaps fingers*! If you could...
  5. D

    You should put back in kicking and punching

    You should put back in kicking and punching becasue i injoyed sparing with friends only useing punching and kicking......wait or em i think of DMZ. I thought you gys had the punching and kicking if not you should add it.
  6. G

    Trunks punching problem

    I just wanted to see if anyone new how trunks would puch repetedly in esf 1.2 if he uses a sword? :confused:
  7. T

    need a favor

    hey guys...was wondering if any of u can do a small favor for me, i need that one pic of super 17 and goku punching each other on the knuckles. its always there when i dont want it, and when i do i look for like an hour and cant seem to find it, if any 1 can find it for me, id appreciate it...
  8. S

    Punching Kicking, not working....

    Everything was smooth during installation except for 1 error, and that didnt mess up the game, except pressing the fire button for the basic attack, and it doesnt work, am i suppost to do something special for them?