1. Viper

    Sucker Punch

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR5RaZupoO4 While the name of the characters are kinda stupid, the plot seems weird enough for me to like it.
  2. Darth Revan

    Epic falcon punch vids Go here

  3. Grega

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Freeza Attacking Goku

    <a href="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/freeza-attacking-goku.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]"><img src="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/thumbs/freeza-attacking-goku_t.jpg"></a> HAS TO HURT !! ^^;
  4. Kaination

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Has anyone heard of them? I suppose they're relatively new, and my radio station has been playing them a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5_W-i_bXpk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3zrJyNgyNQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc3HrnXXWqg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owbt1_slgN4...
  5. C

    Goku after punch idle and...

    yah, sometimes when goku is hit with melee he is still like if he was stunned for a while. thats anoying when you get renzoku on you and you can move :S oh, and if yo are ginuy and change into guldo, when you shoot sometimes ginuy shoots yourself
  6. -Blaze-

    Charged basic punch

    My suggestion is that, when you target to enemy, you swoop at him charge punch by holding right mouse button( there appears an a charge metter on thebottom of the screen), then you hit harder than with normal basic punch. The charge metter should load fast, mabe in 4 sec.
  7. A

    Kick and Punch

    Sorry, but i still don't get it, how i kan kick and ounsh my enemies. Can you please tell me how i can do it, what buttom i have to push and when
  8. A

    Punch and kick

    How does i punsh or kick my enemys. know hhow i can shoot them, but not to ounsh or kick them. Please help me, and answer me my question, so i understand how.
  9. D


    i think if u knock some in to a wall or throw them u should be able to pummel them with prepunch... and if u get the full 12 hits the building should start to crack accourdingly... i dont expect it to be implemented but if it is it'd be awsome.
  10. B

    help with punch combo

    how do you do punch combo?
  11. Ravendust

    Energy Punch

    Hmm...Melee, if you swoop into an enemy you do advanced melee, if you hold down right-click you do basic melee, shouldn't the left-mouse button do something? I thought of these: Dash/Energy Punch If you hold it while swooping, your swoop speed increases for a second and your hand gets a...
  12. K

    punch and combos

    hey guys, i know it sounds silly but i dont know how to punch. also i dont know how to make any combos.i need your help really. please. thx GREATZ keiichiro
  13. Numenor

    Telepunch or double dash punch ?

    Normally when I do basic melle I try to hit um once with BM and get the second hit by using teleport in the direction I hit them. this works most of the time but uses lots of ki and If I miss I can end up in a bad possition. But recently I switched to dashing after them after the first hit...
  14. V

    Dragon Punch

    Even though Goku is powerful as is, I think he should have dragon punch. To do this he must be super sayen. It's a one hit ko. It can only be done during a melee attack and must do a hard combo. The other player must block at least one to stop it. If Goku completes it, he loses his energy...
  15. KuBaN

    Difference b/w Punch and Kick?

    I read the manual, thoroughly, about three times (it isn't in there), and I know full well how to play 1.2 (could probably take on the lot of you), so dun gimme the ol' RTFM. (Now that that's out of the way...) What is the difference between punching and kicking, besides the animation?
  16. ssj_perfect

    punch 4 punch (clash)

    i reckon that in esf when two people or bots melee each other that if they both swoop at each other then punch each other or sumething like that , that they should have a face of the two oppents punch each other then the force of their punchs send them both flyying and any1 else around them...
  17. sup2069

    Mega punch combo

    Would it be a great idea that if a player is near a wall ( when you swoop to punch) that you can knock them against it, and perform a few mega punches? The damage would be great, but not too over powering. The player would have a chance before and during to counter it off, or perform a return...
  18. Synth

    Ki Punch

    Lets say you get a long combo going on a person and at a certain point your right fist lights up with ki and the next punch either kills them or they are sent flying uncontrollably till they hit the wall.
  19. W

    gokus dragon punch

    there shud b gokus dragon punch in the next version... i dont really have a pic 4 it... but the ppl who has seen the 'dragonball' series and the dragonball gt series shud no wat i am talking bout. In the dragonball series, u c goku using his dragon punch on (4got the name) the namek person. In...
  20. S

    BIGGER KAMAHAMAHA just like the shows !!

    um yeah i have a kamahamaha like that just made it, took me 3 weeks to make, and you can see through it, BUT. in side that hugh KAmaahamaha theres the reguler kamahamaha. but you can still see the person or ppl in that bad boy. AND!!! this pack i alrdy have have sprites and the explosions are...
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