1. The Deco

    Pump PS ball help and Davidskiwan ball question - please enter

    I tried to find where is the Pump PS ball sprite/model (I don't know, I think it is a sprite) is located at but I couldn't find him, if someone knows where it is then please please tell me. Also Davidskiwan can you provide me that sprite of a giant flare ball that you put a picture of at my...
  2. Prozac

    ESF Open Beta 9/9/07 - Beam pump + release ( Ball attacks )

    Just tested this with grega, and it seems, when you start to beamstruggle with a ball. Pump and release, the server crashes! tested with kame torpedo, A18's ball attack.
  3. F

    charged turbo suggestion ( ki pump time )

    i think, when i charge power turbo to the max after 4 seconds its going back to a normal turbo... just cant make a real use of it then the suggestion when you charge, the power turbo only decrease after 8-10 secs or suck your stamina or wathever just increase the time because 4 secs is...
  4. john_volkov


    lol the title says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AjtinyOJZ4 the fastes movie ever made
  5. VeGeTTo

    P.U.M.P (i ain't know what u herd about me !)

    i tell u what u herd i sugest When P.U.M.P.I.N.G to press right ckick and take a good piece of u're P.L and pump the mucher u press right click the mure u pump and u win !!!! if this ain't allready inculded i sugesti it now !! -i also sugest 2. Fast kmhhm : press right click with the KMHMH...
  6. B

    Pump it up: Exceed

    Dont hurt me damn, gamespot. Pump It Up: Exceed Publisher: Mastiff Developer: Andamiro U.S.A. Genre: Puzzle Release Date: 08/29/2005 GameSpace Review Previews News Downloads Movies Cheats Check Prices Pump It Up: Exceed First Impressions Whether or not you enjoy...

    It would be really cool, if you could pump up.

    It would be really cool, if you can pump up, just like in the TV show. It must be like this: 1. There must be a button where you can pump up. So that your body becomes bigger and your pl raises. Pl mustn't raise fast but it must raise. So there is a alternate USSJ Transformation, too...
  8. V

    A good site to put your models on.

    http://www.redsaiyan.net Come on people its in the ESF sites links. They have quite a few good models on their site just go there and post your work they'll do it very nicely and easily. I don't know why people won't just put their work there. It's easy to access and search for on a search...
  9. E

    A Drawing...

    ...by me :D Whatcha think? Or http://www.geocities.com/nighthawk64a/cely.txt if the image stops showing up for some reason. (Damn Geocities)
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