1. M

    Another Batch of Movies Pulled by YouTube

    Summary: Two guitar teachers who became famous/well-known for their instructional videos on YouTube had most of their videos pulled. Apparently a lot of the songs they taught how to play were copyrighted. Article: Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11778602
  2. Cold Steel


    For the people that where waiting for csp_namek_myst, Bobmaster40000 is compiling it right now. If i can catch skyrider on msn this afternoon, it will be up at RS this evening. www.redsaiyan.net My newest map, csp_kaiplanet, where gohan pulled the sword out of the rock, is allmost done. But i'm...
  3. Pommy

    Burned Light

    I decided to use photoshop today and I made this: <img src=http://www.bombermod.net/pommy/wp/burned_light.gif> I call it burned light because it looks like light with red (fire looking sorta) around it. critz please
  4. X

    Somethin' I pulled off on Windows Paint!

    Well it doesn't look all that. And im not done with it yet. I need to add strings around her. I made it better than this in real life. I added her name on her sleeve. And the part that say "Im no longer afraid of fallin in love" is well. Kinda complicated to explain. Just think of her as...