1. Damaera

    Forums being slow at around 12:00 AM PST?

    Not sure if this is just happening to me, but the forums are pretty slow at around 12:00 AM PST. Is there a way to fix this? *glares at Skyrider* Edit: It seems to be fixed now, but this issue is on and off.
  2. Damaera

    That new naruto game for pst that's #2

    Well I have some images for you all! Ino's team: Shinos team: I think it's Shino Old man Hokage:
  3. D

    Need more super saiyan levels..

    i think its not much 1 evolve some 2 like gohan give him more ssj levels.. and goku 2.. The Game OWNZz realy it is good now waiting for tha update ;)
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