1. Vegeta

    Prove you're an idiot....

    It's Amazing How Every Time You Open... {Kardashian/DBZ} K wut, lol.
  2. ESCachuli

    at least, the prove i need

    i was telling you about the aura color of frieza (because is blue, i dont know why here and in budokai is purple). well, here is the prove i need: if you see at 0:36, the frieza aura is BLUE. well, if you are making it purple, give us the option...
  3. Tweek

    Perfect Cell ..WIP..

    -EVM- Perfect Cell ..Keh iv finished Kid Buu now :yes: Ultra is RE-Skinnin him and hes goin in 2 EVM so thats the end of that :) Iv now started a new mdl, Hopefully 4 EVM, dont no if ultra will let me yet but??? hoo noz :rolleyes: It is a brand new Final Cell :laff: but sadly i hav only...
  4. Hawki_ice

    Gohan Goes Crazy Go nutz

    MORE GOHANZ lol Gohan Goku Clothes Mari Gohan (Two armed version) I got Premission for those that dident get that I GOT PREMISSION My bad forgot the download link!
  5. B

    EVM ssj4 goku

  6. DogLord

    quick question....

    ok i have a triangle count of a triangle the same as a poly?...and whats the limit for half life...i've heard 3000 and i've heard can i check.....i'm using milkshape and i know how to show the models statistics.......can some one just tell me how to check the poly count and...
  7. D.C. Darkling

    Need help with blending

    Hya all, As you all know I can animate good enought to do various things. (hell.. I did my entire model lol) But I still can't grasp the function "blends" I know its something like merging 2 .smd's in one anim but I still don't get it. If anyone can pls explain what this, how it...
  8. Epedemic_Optikz

    For Everyone Who Wants An SSJ3 Goku.

    Well I See Alot of people begging for an ssj3 goku. Well its not mine but since alot of people want one here ya go.:] If u want a Screen Shot,Go here Copy and Paste if links don't work.:]
  9. Kerozeyetzev

    Milkshape vs. 3dMax

    I been trying out Milkshape 3d 1.6.4 and i've been having problems;/. So i just want to find out which is better: Milkshape 3d or 3dMax? please anwser if you've had experience with both and some good tutorials you might know.
  10. R

    Trunks ssjhead!!!!!!

    hi new head gimme some feedback