1. sub

    There's a lack of pros to play, so I've. . .

    There's a lack of pros to play, so I've decided to take matters into my own hands in order to make the game challenging. Whenever I want to play and there's no one good on, I'm going to put artificial handicaps on myself. For instance, I was just playing vs someone who kind of knew how to...
  2. MinioN

    MS paint pros

    Well this is real paint art.I have no idea how can someone do that with PAINT?!?!?well check those: My favourite:
  3. Smack

    Pros read!

    Help me....I've recently been playing a lot on the new world tournament servers, and people started mentioning scripts. A very kind [S2k] Illidan told me that they were used to bind multiple actions to a single key....So i researched them and it all made no sense to me what so ever...So could...
  4. B

    Arn't any pros still playing esf??

    whenever i look though servers i never find anyone better then used to be easy for me to find a superior...and beating on the new people gets boring and unfullfilling after a while :(
  5. L

    Looking for the pr0's Freiza

    Hey Guys, ive been searching for The pros Freiza, could someone provide me a link or send it to me? EDIT-Yes I know this goes in Final Request, but the truth is, most stuff is ignored there and people go on with their conversations...
  6. Suh Dude

    Acurate Vegeta!!!

    Well i made my like pros buts its different than mine watcha think and this is my first skin thread ever so don't go spaming and stuff Edit:oppsy i forgot credits Credits go to.....Turk
  7. V

    does gmax work for hL

    does it ? is it better than milkshape
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    pro edits

    Can some one gimme a link to pro edits s site?
  9. Loki

    Need help

    Hmm im not quite sure what the word "pro" is but I've made one that I think goes with that. So all I need to make myself now is a emblem to put in the corner by my name. If someone could make me some sort of emblem plz that would be appreciated. Im guessing a 50x50 should be an appropiate...
  10. Naz

    Pros- Nessaja Creations

    Forgotten Cassius Gateway Yahel Enlightment source In chronological order so last one is most likely best \o/ comments appreciated :) grtz Naz
  11. S


    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to use for it, some people say Photo Shop, and other say Paint Shop Pro. First of all, I haven't got the money for Photo Shop, and I'm already getting Paint Shop Pro 7, so I just want to know if I can use that for skinning. I thought I'd ask the pros (In my...