1. V

    Amxx Evm 1.8.1 Help

    Welcome to amxx needed help to the standard EVM to EVM amxx version is 1.6.0 and I'm not mistaken I want to change to the newest 1.8.1 because it contains a big old mistakes and August can not upload new plugins such as throwing the EvolutionX.amxx Version 1.8.1 is not working properly Teleport...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    PC won't shut down properly.

    Since about a week ago I can't shut down my PC normally. After i do, it just restarts and the PC has keyboard problems. I tried clicking the power button, same effect. Tried holding it for 4 secs, still the same. My bet's on either the BIOS malfuntioning, or the CMOS battery. Since once when i...
  3. donnierisk

    HELP! PC problems, can't boot pc properly.... :(

    Ok, well here's the story, this afternoon I saw my pc was lagging for some reason on CoD 2, which it never used to do, so I decreased the visual effects and made the resolution lower, I even brought it down to 640X480 and still lagged, I really never knew what was going on since I didn't change...
  4. donnierisk

    Speakers not working properly...

    Well I've got a problem, not anything big, but it sucksor... I downloaded my sound drivers, installed them and my speakers worked PERFECTLY, I played a little esf with ALL 4 of my speakers working(before I formatted only one speaker worked for ome odd reason worked 0_o), then all of a sudden...
  5. S

    ESF not installing properly?

    Iv installed esf to my HL folder where i keep all of my HL mods but esf doesnt seem to work. It doesnt even come up as a game in my custom game list when i run HL or cs. When i try running the esf shortcut on my desktop I get a message saying my hl.exe was moved or whatnot but its where it...
  6. SoulStriker

    Not working properly in-game

    So yea, i start my server as normal, planning to face a bot, and i get in, and i cant move. My movement keys wernt moving me very fast, maybe a milimeter in 10 seconds or so lol. So i tried a beam jump, and i found out the gravity wasn't set. So i set it, and i figured everything should be ok...
  7. Death The Jedi

    Claw (it has 2d!!!)

  8. E

    Use other maps on esf.

    Just wondering if you could get maps from different hl mods and play them in esf straight or do you have to do a conversion on them.
  9. Volrath

    Hulls... and more, HELP!

    hey guys...i neeed more help please, i don't know hot to put the hull file into my map, can someone explain it to me? and more, when i'lll create game, the map doens't appear to start the game, i have to create with another map and changelevel to my map, can anybody help me? thanks guys
  10. catfish

    Simple mapping question

    Can anyone tell me some things... 1. How do I make a brush have the sky texture? Should this be 6 different brushes or 1 big brush that consumes the whole map? - answered in a sticky and found it. 2. If I make a "box" ie: 6 brushes that act as walls and overlap at the corners how can i...
  11. DBZFever

    Modeling help!

    Hey. Im trying to make my first model, and all that i can do properly is the chest, neck, and face. I cant do the arms or legs, does anyone want to help me? I already read many tuts, so telling me to read tutorials isnt going to help.
  12. Nuttzy

    beware the dark side

    edit***model finished,.... just in case your a bad shot with your mouse
  13. Ryoko

    Ryoko and Tenchi

    Well, heres my latest wallpaper. Still wip though. Click the picture for the 1024 version. What do you think of it? Any ideas about what to add or take away? Comments much apreciated!
  14. A

    Enhance Your Images (Photoshop Tutorial)

    Enjoy.. Any questions.. Post them in here..
  15. G

    Vegeta Model

    I just finished this model, I like it but it will probably never be released by me. I tried skinning him but failed. (It looks better this way lol) Well, I still want to see him skinned so anyone who wants to skin him just pm me. (I'm not going to make a skin map.) You can then get it into esf...
  16. M

    Messin' around

    I was just messin' around earlier and I came up with this It's not a sig, and it's not meant to be a background (Although, I am using it as one). How's it look?
  17. phrack50

    Map Request Dr geros lab

    i have yet to have seen even a decent Dr Gero map for quake, but I'd really like to see one in esf. Heres a few ideas to start off with, if anyone wants to take the challenge. Outside the lab - Can use the same theme as ESF_Riverside Inside the lab - Computers, blinking lights, and of...
  18. U

    Big Problem !!!!

    i edited a model now im done but .... When i compile a .qc file ( in milkshape) he loads everything, but every time when he had the last smd file loaded the milkshape program is stuck. ( i also tried to remove the last one but then he gets stuck on the second last one, i have also tried...
  19. -Dark Shadow-

    where do you all get your backgrounds and pictures from?

    Ok do you get like your backgrounds from YOUR program you make sigs with or from other things? and how to you get them? that sort? And where do you get your pics what you put on your sig? and even do you cut your pics out? and how?
  20. DaKD

    New mirror

    i got a new mirror site for my downlaods its on my main site tehers a link