1. G

    Naruto episode 135 - The Promise That I Could Not keep (...might be some spoilers).

    -spoilers- Well episode 135 is coming out and it seems to be the last episode that in "present" time in naruto for a long time:( it will be great to hear the sidestory and then se kakashi gaiden but the main story just got so interesting.... "The Naruto anime series as we...
  2. T

    A Promise I maid.

    This was a promise i maid to Ashur. He wanted sv's vegeta to be cell shaded. i spent 1 hour and rushing. Not much of a good work for me, the vegeta is not a good cell shading style so thats why i didnt try hard like Gotenks. Heres the model Ashur. Ps Its Staying this way i dont want to...
  3. Ecchi Pr0n

    My ESF promise (Manga inside O_o)

    A long long time ago in a galexy far far away (2 years ago) I have promised ESF a manga . . . yea 2 years ago i was on the top of my game, now im a wash out, a loser, i cant even tone right! But that wont detuter me, i here give you the title page of the ESF manga Title : The Man Named...
  4. E

    My first Photoshop drawing

    Hey everyone I just got photoshop and I just drew this. Its completely done in photoshop. Here it is if it doesnt work copy and paste As you can see I guess I messed up the Ear badly but how about the...
  5. S

    if only i had a scanner....

    then u could really c this drawing at its best.... ill try to scan it with the help of a friend with a scanner....but for now... btw, im not posting the real pic cause i want ur comments first. then ill post it. promise, just be honest
  6. Marauder

    My first ssj4 goku

    here is my first, it will get better i promise :). what do u think?
  7. G

    LOL its so funny, I did the exsact same thing PROMISE I DID NOT STEAL!!

    Majin Vegeta Skin 2... I didn't copy LOL! i did the exsact samething, I promise I didn't steal'em and plus I think that mine suck compaired to Mr. Smo; but my friends wanted me to post them. *note i did not model just skinned* here is my normal too.... email me if you like it!
  8. Naz


    heres my new wallpaper, c&c comments etc? big version @ it still has a few bugs in it, I'll fix it asap
  9. S

    Free Backgrounds

    I whiped up some stuff for those of you who need help with making backgrounds. Personally I think these suck so I hope they help even though they may not. Without Further ado here they are :)
  10. T

    other characters

    Hi @ all this iss my first post ok I wanted to ask only whether even there will be other characters like mr satan or videl :D I am happy about every answer ThX cya Tenner and excuse my englich but iam only a german
  11. thor

    Spin i think the red sayain looks cool i love it

    can you make me a desktop wallpaper 800 by 600 just like the banner on the top of your webpage just bigger. and with out the grey border of cause. (i can click on any of the section on your site)
  12. D

    Bout the Tree of might map

    seeming as there are gaps between the roots will they be black floor or a hole? cause if its a hole people will use them to hide in, and to drop out of PS into. Great map though
  13. A


    By request of -[gF]- Janemba, i will be maiking a tree of might map. If Tien lets me post pic on his site then i will post them here. I intend to make the map public. This will be the first map in awhile for me so i dont know how good it will be so we will see. Just wait itll be good, i promise.