1. W

    ms3d help plz!

    i need dl to milkshape 3D 1.6.3 ! not another version cause i love this version plz.
  2. DogLord

    quick question....

    ok i have a triangle count of a triangle the same as a poly?...and whats the limit for half life...i've heard 3000 and i've heard can i check.....i'm using milkshape and i know how to show the models statistics.......can some one just tell me how to check the poly count and...
  3. G

    hmmm prom again

    So this goes to everyone who has expirience with milkshape and 3dsmax r5: i've got a big prom with exporting my models to smd format (wanna use them in esf and other mods) 'cause 3dsmax5 semms to be incomatible with ms and so i get a lot of vertices when i import my models into ms. i've tried...