1. D

    Project progress report

    I know that the game will be done "when it's done". I'm perfectly fine with that, as should anyone else be that's been following you wonderful modders (although I feel that that's a loose term. You've BUILT a whole entire game from the ground up, it feels.) I was merely wondering if you...
  2. G

    Shitty progress

    Shame we won't live long enough to ever see this game get released, I mean seriously? 10 ******* years in the making and this is all we get is these crappy videos of characters flying around broken maps and a shitty level one combo video(animated like ass btw he looks like he's kicking him in...
  3. Nebulisreconx

    My Sig (in progress)

    Decided to touch up an old piece that never got used from some of my work back at 10tacle studios. Still have to resize, and maybe change the txt font, but I think it's some neat work considering I only used photobucket's editing tools. What do you think? :smile:
  4. gigirs50

    buu house(work in progress)

    you are ready for a new and incredible map?:yes:
  5. gigirs50

    cell game work in progress

    my version of the map that I'm working
  6. C

    Amazing progress!

    Hello there! Just wanted to let you guys know I love the work you've been doing on this mod. I played 1.1 for a long time, and 1.2 for a while too.. Haven't checked back in since the 1.3 beta release a few years (?) back, and I have to say it's amazing how much you guys have improved.. wel...
  7. W

    new work in progress esf mod is a mod to the base game and an improvement which includes more powerful transformations, better graphics, improved blasts, and character models. This is like ecx or bigpack (Which are other mod's that attempted to imporve on classic esf 1.2.3) but it attempts...
  8. H

    Small Progress Report?

    I'm sitting here watching the "ESF Final: Melee" video, wondering how close to completion some of this stuff really is. The past few threads have not really been about the development of ESF, cept if you count the rampaging "nipples" thread... If you had to say in percentages, how close would...
  9. FalconFury

    WIP (working in progress) beams start FX video Beautiful colorful beams are made in different glow.
  10. F

    Releasing ESF:F progress to facepunch forums?

    Hey, I was thinking maybe we schould make a thread on the facepunch forums, they got a section for valve games and mods. Home > Forum > Games > Valve Games and Mods I think this would a great way to get alot more players and so on :)
  11. S


    What if you post somewhere the progress of the game somethink like telling the attack of some character and we comment what could help you so you can have more ideas for game ? What do you say?....sorry for my language it was pretty hard to exprim my ideea but i think you underood:D.
  12. Z

    Hey, progress bar?

    Hi, esf team First Id like to say thank you for the work that you put in to provide such a great game to the public. I also think its amazing that you guys do this free, I suggesting charging for final. any way the main point of this is to ask/request if it will be acceptable if you would...
  13. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx art in progress~~

    Could someone plz give me crits and tips on coloring
  14. VideoJinx

    Contest Model Progress

    If anyone here plans on entering the contest put up your models here =] for early critique during the early stages of your model =] I plan on entering that contest and when I progress on my model alittle.. I'll put it up here for show and crits...!:yes:
  15. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx New Vid in progress

    Here is some fight that I decided to worx on.. for fun.. its a sneak peak so don't expect much <_< really o.O =] If it doesn't run smooth in Quick time use VLC media player
  16. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx test model in progress

    Head Views: <embed src="" width="426" height="320" name="smilplayer" id="smilplayer" bgcolor="FFFFFF" menu="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""...
  17. Zeonix

    Fear to Halt Scientific Progress Once Again?

    So people "outside of the scientific mainstream" and a bunch of lawyers are attempting to stall, or even stop, scientists from activating the Large Hadron Collider because people out on the fringe of science are saying the production of incredibly tiny black holes might create one semi-large...
  18. I

    How to keep progress

    is there a way to save your progress like when i go super saiyan and i have to exit when i come back i start at 750,000 pl again. How do I save it b/c there is a folder for save in esf
  19. Spunky

    Project: Saiyan Revival - Progress

    My apologies for not explaining exactly what P: SR is. P: SR is a project I started a while back, in which actors live through the various Sagas of Dragonball Z. You can check here to see the current progress of the project: Actors Needed: 2 - (60% completed) Models Needed: 4 (w/skins &...
  20. Hamppu

    Progress! woot! it r looking nosty~ seems like hi's going hella fast, now I can finally insta rape some "noobs" who runs away from me C; discuss!
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