1. Jonesdaniel

    Sound Controller Programme Thingamajig.

    Well, once a long time ago, i downloaded a programme for my pc, and you could change the pitch, bass etc... of the sound coming from your speakers. Wondered if you guys knew of any websites where i could download one, or if you knew the name of one or something ?
  2. V


    i have insert the hullfile in the tools directorie and add this command line into the bsp section "C:\programme\valve hammer editor\tools\hlbsp.exe -hullfile hulls.txt", but ist doesnt work. plz,help!!
  3. Jonesdaniel

    CD-Rewriter Programme

    With XP being installed onto my pc and everything being wiped, i cant seem to find a programme to do cd-rewrites with. I tried simply draging a programme onto the cd, but it already had a file on it, so it didnt seem to work (i could as many files on as i liked, whenever, it didnt have to all be...
  4. Jonesdaniel

    A new programme, and a new sig

    Ok, here is one of my first attempts at a sig. All stuff done by me, so all credits go to me (man im so proud *cough*) Criiiiitz d00dz
  5. G


    I can't make maps Please help me!!:cry:
  6. S

    do you know a easier program?

    does someone knows a easier program than milkshape3d? please write name and site
  7. P

    Programme für Mod erstellung!

    Hi, ich wollte mal nach fragen, welche programme man benötigt, um einen MOD zu erstellen. ich hab schon folgende programme: Milkshape=Models WorldCraft=Maps Wally=Texturen HL model viewer=um models zu betrachten welche programme bräuchte ich noch?? (für dll's oder so....)...
  8. S

    I need help with milk shape!

    i finaly got it working proporly and i only got 14 days left is there a programme that is a free model making kit like milkshape out?? i carnt find them can sny one help me??:cry: