1. Holmisen


    hi what do i need to do own moddels?
  2. V

    How can i make wad´s

    how can i create a "*.wad" and what a programm do i need? PLZ,PLZ,Help!?!?!?!
  3. V


    year the attacks but he ask for bitmaps but where you can find the bitmapss??
  4. A


    if i want to edit some like the suit on a model what programm do i need o_o and more stuff :p
  5. Lord Killmore

    Wave capture programm

    Hello my fellows! I just wanted to ask if somebody knows a programm so i can record wave files from a movie(i want to make a adult gohan pack since all the packs i found were no so good)
  6. Lord Killmore

    Sprite edit programm

    Is there anyone who can tell me if there´s a sprite editing programm or something like that!
  7. Lord Killmore

    Mapping Programm

    Does anyone know a good mapping programm???(I cant use Worldcraft because my Half-life cd is broken.....:cry: ) I really want to try making some maps (i only done some for Warcgraft 3 and C&C Generals) So please tell me where i can get all the stuff to do some mapping!
  8. B0Bmaster40000

    ESF Textures

    how do you extract textures from compiled esf maps to use some of them in your own maps? like how DJ Ready has used esf_city textures in his s2k_great_tournaments map. Or where they new textures?
  9. Vengaurd

    New Kame ha me ha

    I didnt really have a problem with the old kamehameha, but this one is more animate. the light is a modified melee flash, props to its creater allright my file server sucks so youll just have to go the site and click preview if you want a picture....;( you can download it here give me...
  10. D

    hi there wich programs can i use

    plz give me the home page too get the map programs i can use cuzz i vant too map i can model but that is hard and booring i can use world craft but i vant too know if there are other mapping programs such as terrain editor
  11. Z

    Making Skins

    where can i get a program that i can make skins in? do i have to be a good painter/drawer to make a good skin?
  12. Wuying Ren

    Cooler sugestion

    I want a Cooler model. I sugest a Cooler model ! please ! I already tryed by my self but: 1. I am one of the biggest noob in moddeling 2. I have unanswered Milkshape porblems. 3. I asked what is the best model programm and no one answered.
  13. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Dmt2k3 Suzaku

    Another model made by MaggeM for me and gamesages mod DMT2003. Its of Suzaku. What do you guys think of MaggeM's work? Its very nice is what you think!
  14. Wuying Ren

    Best Model Programm

    Hmm I try too make models but I have no luck with milkshape. Which is the best porgramm ? 3d max ? :warning: I don't ask for warez or something like that ! :warning:
  15. S

    Need Help!!!

    hi guys i want to learn modelling but i dont know how to model i know how to map :] but now i want to model so plz help me out! i have the programm 3ds max 4. is that program alright? plz help me !!!:cry:
  16. L

    PaintShopPro-sig-tutorial in german?

    So, anybody knows a German site with a PaitShopPro-sig-tutorial or something? It could also be in english but with much pictures, you know? :D
  17. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    How to insert my Picture???

    can you tell me how to put my artwork in this page ? if possible in german:rolleyes: but it doesn´t matter if its in english:fight:
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