1. VideoJinx

    Far Cry 2 is in production

    Have you guys heard.. their is going to be a Far Cry *2*... Now the first one was the first of its kind from what I remember,.. but it was quickly upstaged with some other games... anywho take alook.. farcry 2 looks promising
  2. MinioN

    Rakion - Softnyx Production

    I thought you will like this game so i post it.Rakion from Softnyx.Its really cool,easy to play and totally free.Theres 3 games from Softnyx but i only know Rakion and its really great. Download it here.
  3. M

    Top 10 douchebags, Gametrailers production

    Lol Gametrailers made a list of Douchebags the top 10 in the gaming world, and guess who is number 2, honestly i think he should be number 1 but well least he is on there!
  4. S

    Diablo III definitely in production?

    That's mighty tasty to the Smiff.
  5. Havoclivekiller

    Bourgeoisie - Amatour game in production

    Bourgeoisie is a Polish game that is being made by amateurs. It already has its own engine (made in 2 months!). This game is made by fans of Fallout. And its made for fans of RPG's. The game will have options not yet met in any game (but some will repeat itselves). The graphics wont be top notch...
  6. S


    yet another picture from my friend no he didnt trace it