1. Brim

    Identifying processes

    So I'm basically just wondering if there is an application or website that will give me information that will help in determining what all of the processes I have running are. I've noticed that there are quite a few processes that I can't readily identify by name and am curious as to if I need...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Help with Computer Health. Processes & CPU

    Alright. I've noticed lately that my comps ben freezing up alot. I've also noticed that I have ALOT of processes running (like 50-60...) I know what a handfull of them are, but the others... eh. Some of them are useless, I am wondering to remove processes so it doesnt waste my memory and...
  3. Jaredster

    QRAD issues.

    Does esf not support qrad because when i goto compile it jumps right through qrad and doesnt processes the data.
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