1. V

    compile problem..I NEED HELP FAST

    i have a problem compiling my map (for the competition :( ) that had never happened before When I try to save is as a .map file (to compile it with "ZHLT Compile GUI X²") something happenes.. ZHLT can't compile it, and when i open the .map file in hammer it's completely blank..nothing inside...
  2. X-Man

    Small problem...I think.

    Well the game loads up fine once I updated my Half Life, the problem is the sky is warped, theres an after image of my actions, instead of the sky. Can I get some help.
  3. S

    i have a problem...i dont know how to fix

    when i get into a game or make a server my console doesnt come down...i dont know what to do...if u answered this before...sorry but i didnt see it...mybad.
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