1. PiXel

    twilight princes page :O

    dunno if there a english site does exist, but i just got a mail from nintendo with the site of twilig princes, its pretty nice. for collecting somethign there you get nice presents :P german site: though not sure if a english one does exist.
  2. G

    whats the new models these days

    yo what the new models are they out come on all trunks is hott as hell yo my name is (*Fp*) German-sayian on esf look for me mostly on Fp princes room come in
  3. P

    The Sayjin Princes TSP

    I'm hosting a new clan called The Sayjins Princes, of course a sayjin based clan we will play Counter-Strike, ESForces:alpha:Beta:, and Dragon Mod Z I will be starting the site as soon as I get the first member recurited. Aim is a MUST get aol instant messanger at or if you have aol...