1. Zeonix

    Previously Undiscovered Heathens Make Contact

    We must find them and convert them all before it's too late! We must purify their minds' and cleanse their souls'! May the power of Christ compel them! So yeah. A small Indian tribe located in Brazil made contact with another known Indian tribe for an unknown reason. We had no knowledge of them...
  2. S

    SSJ4 gohan pack?

    does anyone know where to download a ssj4 gohan pack cuz i have searched but have found no downloads in this section if some one does please tell me cuz i couldent find one :( and do any modelers have some of there work on a site cuz i would love to see it!!!
  3. A

    More Charecters

    Hi i'm new on this forum so i'm not sure if this has been previously posted, but i was thinking about some more charecters. Maybe there could be some of the androids 16 17 18 etc. also just out of curiousity, has the Dragon Mod Z mod shut down for good?? :)
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