1. Ravendust

    ESF Prefabs?

    I was wondering if anyone had any DBZ-style prefabs they've made that they'd like to make publicly useable. A prefab is an arrangement of brushes into a certain shape, like a model, only made in Worldcraft. E.g Kame House, Frieza's spaceship, the beds in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber etc...
  2. nemecj05


    does anyone know where i can downlod prefabs or if anyone could give me there prefabs, if you do i would gladly give you credit for them when my map is complete, i am haveing a very difficult time with my someone please help me!
  3. Warrior_Elite45


    I still dont get what prefabs actually do. Can someone please gimme a lil info on what they're for? Thanks.
  4. G


    is there a site to gets esf prefabs? cause i need a kamis lookout, but cant find one, and oh and a rounded house like gokus and capsule corp too pleeeeasssee!