1. sub

    I can't hear ppls mics

    Well, I can't hear peoples mics in esf. The icon on the side comes up that people are talking, but I hear nothing. Any help? (btw, I can hear people in cs, just not esf)
  2. B

    For all you ppls haven alpha 2.0 problems

    alpha 2.0 download: http://www.filefront.com/r.b/page__file_info/_filepath__/exp/hl/mod/esf/esf20.exe download this file and put it into to sierra,half-life,esforces, cl_dlls folder. it wil fix the problem with it being unplayble cause of fmod.dll and client.dll :laff...
  3. B

    What DBZ Mod Do You Think Will Get SSJ2 First ppls

    What DBZ Mod Do You Think Will Get SSJ2 First Ppls?? ESF, Saviour Of Strength, DragonmodZ, or Gohan's Hidden Power :) i know ther not all compelete but there not all have public betas like esf ;). wel vote :rolleyes: sites: dragonmod z http://dmz.flagrun.net/index.php saviour of strength...
  4. M

    shark model request

    can any1 make me shark model? i mean 1 normal shark and the second is yellow with "M" on his head. plz make me1 and if u can i wanna learn how to model but with living ppls no toritals or any other text or movie....
  5. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  6. B

    hey ppls

    i played esf for about a mounth and a half and i decided to regestr now. Just sayen hi:)
  7. B

    good enough?

    look at sig, what you think?
  8. E

    some questions i wanna know plz ppls

    Do u need a graphics card to play esf Bescause i cant seem to get it to play:)
  9. S

    are here dutch ppls to help me out!

    hi all i need a dutch man to explain me everything on making maps cuz my enlish isn't very good and i don't understand very much in the enlish! i want to make the best maps!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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